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delay() Function in C++ Programming Language

delay() Function in C++
delay() function is used to hold the program's execution for given number of milliseconds, it is declared in dos.h header file. There can be many instances when we need to create a delay in our programs. C++ provides us with an easy way to do so. We can use a delay() function for this purpose in our code. We can run the code after a specific time in C++ using delay() function.
Syntax for delay() Function in C++
void delay(unsigned int milliseconds);
how many milliseconds to delay The function takes one parameter which is unsigned integer. Here, void suggests that this function returns nothing. 'delay' is the function name.
/* hold the program's execution for given number of milliseconds by delay() function code example. */ #include<iostream.h> #include<dos.h> //for delay() #include<conio.h> //for getch() int main() { clrscr(); int n; cout<<"Enter the delay (in seconds) you want to make after giving input."<<endl; cin>>n; delay(n*1000); cout<<"This has been printed after "<< n <<" seconds delay"; getch(); return 0; }

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